Teaching Assistant (Latin and Chess)


When I was 12, I began teaching chess to other students in my neighborhood. Soon, I had ten students, and our lessons were both fun and challenging. In high school, I started teaching chess at the Basis primary schools, and classes were so popular that I began enlisting other chess teammates to teach all the students who were interested. We now teach more than 70 students aged six to ten years old, during the fall and spring semesters. We charge each student $75 per semester and our entire revenue is donated back to Basis primary schools. Approximately $15K has been donated to date.


This year I have been offered a Teaching Assistant position (TA) at Basis Chandler, and am currently a TA to over 250 students in 5th grade. My responsibilities include preparing classroom materials including quizzes, assisting students with their work, grading and recording scores on homework or tests, and taking attendance. In addition, I also work “one-on-one” with students requiring additional review or assistance. 5th grade students at Basis are taught the basics of vocabulary, grammar, and syntax.