Aude LLC

Based on my experiences with the iCIMS internship and the National Science Foundation-sponsored programming camp at Arizona State, I have become more interested in using technology to make a difference in the broader community. I recently started Aude LLC to make that dream a reality.

I am currently working on two education-focused apps: Cogita, which strengthens interactions between teachers and parents at charter schools; and ChessList, an easily accessible and comprehensive online historical database for chess coaches.

Cogita is an education app that promotes direct messaging between teachers and parents. In addition, Cogita’s mobile app connects schools to the larger community, includes donation functionality, and provides teachers with the ability to advertise for funding academic initiatives. I plan to raise community funding participation rates through improved advertising and communication. Ultimately, I hope to increase retention of our best teachers and show that technology can impact consumer-funding behaviors for charter schools.

ChessList is my latest venture, which I plan to release April 2018, with a goal of having 10,000 users by December 2018. Once we reach that metric, we plan to raise additional funds through angel funding to reach our next goal of 30,000 users by December 2019.